When I think back on the time before my daughter’s birth, do you know what I laugh about? The heaps of precious newborn clothes I bought for her––a total first-time mom move––that she never even wore. She outgrew them faster than I could change her outfits!

As impractical as these extra piles of baby clothes were, they were no match for my carefully curated sustainable closet, which was desperately under-prepared for what new mommyhood entailed. When I first brought my baby home, I couldn’t even conceptualize how I’d meet all of her needs, much less figure out how to put together a nursing wardrobe. Frankly, in the blur of those showerless days and sleepless nights, it wasn’t exactly a high priority, either.

But as my daughter and I eventually found our feeding groove and the days turned into weeks, I wanted (read: needed) to get out of the frumpy sweats that required pulling my shirt up (and holding in place with my chin - you know the move) I was living in and feel more like myself again.

Breastfeeding_TopsBreastfeeding Ellery at 6 weeks old

The problem was that I couldn’t find any appropriate feeding-accessible clothes that fit my modern style, or fit my ever-changing body. Everything I wore was milk-soaked within ten minutes of getting dressed. I had no idea how to find what I was looking for: affordable, functional, modern & stylish nursing clothing for this fleeting but all-consuming time in my life.

Each time I stepped towards my closet, there was a running commentary scrolling through my mind like the tickers at the bottom of a TV news show: “Can I nurse in this?” ... “Can I pump discreetly in this?” ... “How bad will milk show?” … “Is It comfortable” … “Will it even fit my postpartum body?”

 Me 6 days postpartum

Sadly, my normally reliable wardrobe staples like tees and even my V-neck tops didn’t stretch far down enough to accommodate a breastfeeding baby and my pre-pregnancy clothes felt like they could’ve belonged to another woman altogether (seriously, who was this person, and how did she fit into what seemed like micro-sized clothing?).

Since I was consistently drenched in milk, I had to say goodbye to anything that would show milk stains or wasn't machine washable (dryclean-only and synthetic fabrics were a big no-go). Nothing fit, but I didn’t want to wear my maternity dresses for one more minute, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on new nursing dresses, either.

That’s when I conceived the idea for Of an Origin. I knew I wasn’t the only woman looking for flattering, eco-conscious, and budget-friendly breastfeeding clothes that wouldn’t scream “nursing wardrobe” at first sight. All of us new mamas deserve functional, sleek nursing clothing and a pumping wardrobe that looks as great four years on as it does during the “fourth trimester.”

As a mom, one the first thing I learned was that time was of the essence. I didn’t have extra minutes to stare blankly at my closet––I was psyched just to brush my teeth, or dare I say shower, during naptime!

That’s why our Everywhere Collection of nursing shirts and nursing tops offer quick feeding access in stylish pieces inspired by a fresh update of classic women's non-breastfeeding styles and turned them into ultra-breastfeeding & motherhood wardrobe superstars (hint, they are uber versatile):

  1. The Wrap Blouse
  2. The Wrap Tank
  3. The Classic Boxy V-neck Tee
  4. The Cape Blazer
  5. The Jogger
All of our tops pair perfectly with our tailored jogger pants or style seamlessly with your jeans and wardrobe staples. Our flexible fit (snaps and multi-way styling options) make for effortless casual looks that can be worn from day to evening, (equally perfect for chasing toddlers or date night). The designs are super-versatile, so you can dress them up or down with ease.
 Everywhere Tank with easy feeding access

Of an Origin is all about supporting new moms during their journeys, so when it comes time to return to the office, these staples make a stylish capsule of pumping clothes for work, offering a desperately needed solution for moms who continue to breastfeed while on the job.

Versatile_Breastfeeding_TopEverywhere Breastfeeding Tank Top & Everywhere Postpartum Joggers

Our pumping-friendly wardrobe is designed with a minimalist aesthetic. I found out while nursing my own baby that refined, unfussy styles like our Everywhere Tank (it's reversible!) paired with our silky soft Everywhere Joggers allowed me to get dressed without wasting time wondering what pieces worked together. Of an Origin’s nursing wardrobe takes the long view, too. It’s sustainably made and built to last for years to come.

Breast-Pumping_TopEasy pumping access at home or at work

We've got you mama. #momlife is hard, getting dressed shouldn't be. 

Xx, Candice

Mama to Addie & Ellery, CEO & Co-founder, Of an Origin

April 28, 2021 — Candice Collison