Our work in Peru

Why Peru?

We conducted a lengthy search for partners aligned to our values. We knew we wanted to align our business with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and expand our impact globally. Peru is known for exceptional craftsmanship and is home to several Fair trade textile and apparel manufacturers. Additionally, Pima cotton grows natively in Peru, and we wanted to include this super fiber in our line.


In partnership with our factory, we have adopted seven trees in Peru's lower jungle through the NGO Conservamos por Naturaleza. These trees have been adopted for each member of our families. For us, it was important to help protect the region and the community that our partners call home. Our production partner has helped conserve 500 trees in the region.

Non-profit work

We have selected our production partner based on their commitment to impact. Our production partner has committed to helping several NGOs within their community. We are proud to support our Peru team in their charitable work.

Coast 2 Coast - Lobitos, Piura which leads projects directly in the community including implementing a desalination machine to provide clean waterAs we grow, we will continue to support our partner's social impact in Peru.

Warming the Andes - an initiative to provide warm clothing to vulnerable populations to protect against potentially lethal winter cold in the region. The garments are made from salvaged fabric.

Photos by Nahel Tubbeh