Our Suppliers

Our Peru Factory

Our Peruvian factory is a family-owned business currently working towards its fair trade certification. It specializes in knitwear and is aligned to our values. The company offers biodegradable packaging, and natural alternatives to synthetic trims. The team is in constant pursuit of improvement towards impact, and helping us towards our sustainability goals.

It is committed to building healthier communities by pursuing positive environmental changes and offsetting any negative impact. The company donates 1% of annual sales on reforestation and conservation among other charitable efforts helping different communities in need.

Our U.S. Factory

Women-owned, L.A.-based factory ensures a clean, safe and ethical working environment for all of its employees. Its team includes multiple generations of families. Focuses on fair trade brands, and boasts an LED-lit facility.

Canadian Fabric Supplier

One of our fabric suppliers specializes in environmentally & socially responsible knit and woven textiles while striving to ensure that partner mills adhere to multiple global standards of environmental and social compliance including the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Photos by Nahel Tubbeh