Of an Origin is all about supporting new moms during their postpartum and mom life journeys, so we designed flexible nursing-friendly pieces that effortlessly transition through all stages of motherhood. We wanted to simplify getting dressed, whether that's lounging at home, heading to the office, traveling, or even a chic date night. I felt like I needed pieces that worked for me during the early days at home with my baby, but I didn't want to overhaul my wardrobe with pieces that would only work for lounging, and only during this fleeting, yet all-consuming time in my life. I needed those same pieces to be elevated enough to work when I returned to the office while still breastfeeding and pumping. 

We designed Of an Origin's Everywhere Capsule to work for you from the pre, preg, and post babe - from the fourth trimester, fifth trimester, and beyond.

Styling Tips

As if the pressures of mommyhood weren’t tough enough, I found breastfeeding-friendly and postpartum fashion to be lacking.  Looking around at the options, I found that some nursing clothes were made from cheap synthetics, and the fit was off. Most options scream "nursing top" with secret pockets and zippers, while others have frills, or girlie patterns that were nowhere close to my style. 

New mamas lead multi-dimensional lives and require their clothes to multitask right alongside them. To make things easy, Of an Origin’s 4th trimester wardrobe works together as a tightly edited capsule. But any of our staples can be mixed in with other pieces as you replenish your closet and find your postpartum size, too. With that in mind, here’s some styling inspo for a few new-mom scenarios.


Of an Origin at Work:

Whether you're a work from home mama or you're making your way back into the office, we've got you covered. You’ve got to pump at the office, and you want to feel comfortable while still looking polished and professional.  Of an Origin’s wrap pumping tops are the key to your success, since they can be teamed with tailored pieces like your favorite trousers and skirts. Our Everywhere tank and Everywhere long-sleeve nursing + pumping wrap blouse can each be worn in eight different ways, with snap closures for a V-neck, plus additional surplice-neck wrap and boatneck options. You can also layer one of them under a jacket for a more formal look or wear them together as a feeding-friendly take on the twinset.

Nursing-friendly work style with cape blazer + wide leg pants


If you work somewhere without a strict dress code, your pumping clothes for work can also include our Cape Blazer, paired with the Everywhere tank for the comfy feel of your favorite sweatshirt combined with minimalist-chic style (and easy pumping access, of course).

Pumping friendly wardrobe for work

Of an Origin for Date Night:

Once you’ve found your footing as a new mama, you’re going to want to grab a little time away with your partner to reconnect as a couple. Pumping breast milk should be the last thing on your mind when you’re out for date night, but it’ll need to happen at some point during the evening regardless.

Don’t even bother to reach for those old maternity dresses. Of an Origin’s Everywhere long-sleeve breastfeeding & pumping top is so much better. It looks especially cute as a wrap and allows for easy milk-pumping access when it’s time to do so. Pair it with our joggers for a casual night out or throw it on with a knit midi skirt for a dressier, feminine look.

 Breastfeeding friendly Date Night Blouse

Another simple combo (anything that gets you guys out of the house quickly, right?) is our Everywhere pumping tank top worn with Of an Origin’s cape blazer and jogger pants, both made of French terry fabric, so you’ll be comfortable, too.

 If you already own some nursing dresses, consider popping the Of an Origin cape blazer on top for a layered look that can cover milk leaks if they happen.

Of an Origin for Travel:

Breastfeeding outfits for travel

Whether you’re driving to grandma’s house or flying across the country, it’s all about weeding your wardrobe down to the essentials for travel. That goes double when you’re traveling and breastfeeding.

While one-step dressing might seem like a good idea at first, old maternity dresses and even nursing dresses aren’t so great for airplanes. I prefer Of an Origin’s nursing shirts and super-soft jogger pants, topped off with our pumping-friendly Coziest Cardigan (currently available in black) (when flying the friendly skies gets chilly) for more freedom to keep up with my always-on-the-move toddlers.  

I’m also partial to the Everywhere long-sleeve nursing top, which turns into a cover when snapped across the front and onto the shoulders––perfect for impromptu feedings at cruising altitude. It can also be wrapped like a swaddle for in-flight baby wearing, which is the easiest way to travel with a child under 6 months old, IMO.

Forget fumbling around with fussy buttons and secret compartments, too. I figured out the hard way that traditional nursing bras and pumping clothes were too complicated to offer my daughter fast access when she was hungry in flight...and her loud wails let everyone in rows 4 through 24 know it!

 For road trips with a breastfeeding child, you’ll be seated for a substantial length of time, so breathable, comfortable natural fibers are non-negotiable. Our Pima and Organic cotton V-neck t-shirt can be pulled down but also offers feeding access via a deep side slit. This way offers additional coverage while nursing on the road, ensuring that the car one lane over doesn’t see a thing.



Our tees can also be worn back-to-front, crewneck-style, once you arrive at your destination; it’s like packing two nursing tops in one. And it goes without saying that French terry joggers are the ultimate road travel pants: they’re flexible, sweatpant-soft and feel great on your tummy.


Of an Origin at Home:

It might be tempting to stay in your nursing pajamas or nursing nightgown all day when you’re at home but take it from me that you’ll feel more like yourself if you put on some “real clothes.”


Nursing Tee Shirt with V Neck and Side Slit

 Postpartum bodies do not make for effortless dressing, though. Things are changing, leaking, and chapping. That’s where our joggers, aka: lightweight sweatpants with a flattering tapered fit, come in. The pull-on styling keeps things simple (well, as simple as it gets with a new baby) and the stretch waistband accommodates a fluctuating figure without pressing or binding.

 On top, wear our Coziest Cardigan open with convenient snaps at the shoulders for skin-to-skin bonding time. Our stretchy V-neck and tees allow for quick pumping and feeding access anytime of the day or night, too. Of an Origin’s capsule nursing wardrobe will help you look so pulled-together that you might actually convince the repair guy, your in-laws, and even yourself that you’ve got this new-parent thing under control.

 Motherhood is hard, go forth in style mama!



Mama to Addie, Ellery, and Lilah

CEO, Of an Origin



May 27, 2021 — Candice Collison