Meet Candice, Mama & Of an Origin CEO 

We are all about a good origin story. Mom to three young daughters, Candice wondered why the amazing qualities she loved in sustainable and minimalist fashion brands didn't exist for maternity and postpartum. As a breastfeeding mother who suffered through postpartum anxiety and depression, she found dressing her postpartum body for nursing and pumping accessibility intensified her anxiety and frustrations. As a mama with chronic thyroid disease, it was important to find natural-rich clothing free from potentially harmful endocrine-disrupting synthetics. Candice has a passion for simplifying the complicated, and she wanted to bring simplicity, style, and function to fit within all stages of the motherhood journey. She knew there had to be better clothing options for new mothers as their bodies and styling needs evolved.

Candice approached her friend Aaron Watkins with the idea for Of an Origin – a simply, stylish and sustainable line of convertible clothing for motherhood. At the time, Aaron and his wife Camille were expecting their first child, Finley. He loved the concept so much he joined the team.

Of an Origin aims to be the most versatile and impactful clothing line a woman can own. We are committed to using natural fabrics, responsible production, and to continue to enhance our design and processes towards building a more sustainable world. 

We hope you love our designs, and that you feel more like YOU again when you wear them. 



Mama to Addie, Ellery & Lilah

Co-founder & CEO, Of an Origin

Impact & Sustainability Certifications