There's a sexualized and shameful stigma around breastfeeding. So many mamas are working hard to overcome. I remember how nervous and embarrassed I was breastfeeding in public as a first time mom. I was so uncomfortable that I made my baby uncomfortable. She would always meltdown in public or on the way home because she was hungry.

I still feel guilty about it.

Now as a third time mom, I proudly feed in public when Lilah wants to. Sometimes I use a cover, other times I drop the cover and feed my baby on our terms. I prefer a quiet corner when I'm in public because my baby gets distracted. As long as my baby is comfortable, I'm comfortable. 

Nursing at the farm

Nursing Lilah at the pumpkin farm

I've pumped at the airport, breastfed at the pumpkin farm, breastfed on airplanes and in cars, at the ski slopes. 

Pumping at Airport

Pumping at the airport

We've come a long way to create awareness and acceptance around breastfeeding in our Western culture. Let's keep it going.

Let's continue to push for what's best for our babies, and care less about what other's think.

Feed on mama.

Addie, Ellery, and Lilah's Mama

February 22, 2023 — Candice Collison