Last year was one of major family milestones, personal growth, and exciting developments for Of an Origin. 2024 will be the year to trust my instincts as a mother, to grow as a person, and to grow the mission of Mightly and Of an Origin - creating responsibly made, clean, non-toxic clothing for the modern family. Here’s what I’m celebrating from last year, and looking forward to in 2024!

1) Breastfeeding milestones

Last January I celebrated one year of breastfeeding my third child, and this year we're approaching the two year mark. I never expected to reach this milestone, but here we are! I'm proud of what we've accomplished and also curious about how I'll feel when this chapter ends. I’ve been an expectant or breastfeeding mama for 7 ½ years, and closing this chapter brings a new identity shift. 

Breastfeeding Toddler Mommy & Me Collection

Nursing session during our Mini & Me OAO x Mightly photoshoot


2) Mindful parenting

One of my 2023 intentions was to bring more mindfulness to parenting. I've made strides with my approach and strive to lead with empathy. As 2024 unfolds, I intend to parent with even more patience especially with my child (who like myself) has ADHD. Transitions like morning and bedtime are the hardest. I’m going to make visuals to prompt the girls in their routines, and we use sensory activities that calm my little ones and prepare them for bed. I love following @harkla_family for sensory activities, we also have one of their swings, and all of my kids love it. I also just discovered @joyfultoddlerparenting that I'm finding very insightful!

3) The calming power of reading

I started reading for pleasure throughout 2023, and I'd like to continue this habit. I've heard from many people, "how do you find time?!" I make it a habit to pick up a book even for a few minutes every night before bed. What's important is continuing the habit, not setting expectations for how long I'll read. My oldest is starting to read and we will curl up on the sofa on Sundays and read together. 


Reading with my fur baby

 4) Wellness

Since becoming a mama, I haven't prioritized my physical fitness or wellness. I've focused somewhat on nutrition and moving my body, always from the perspective of fueling my body for pregnancy and breastfeeding, less for myself. Last year I started making sourdough simply out of playful curiosity. The girls and I made our own starter, and it's been so fulfilling and so much fun to nourish our family and share our sourdough with friends. Here's the sourdough guide I use from The Clever Carrot

I was surprised by the healing effects of sourdough, of the process and the bread. I couldn't believe that after three months of baking fresh sourdough, my decades long IBS attacks stopped. This year, I want to take that wellness journey further. I’d like to reclaim my nutrition and fitness for my own mental clarity and health so I can be the best version of myself for ME and my family. I also love when my girls join in my workouts. They roll out their little yoga mats and get their blocks and it’s the cutest.

5) Fair Trade & GOTS Certified & 2024 Development

Finally, 2023 saw incredible milestones for Of an Origin. We joined the Mightly family, we launched our first Mommy & Me collection - with more Mommy & Me come in 2024! We achieved our first Faire Trade and GOTS certifications through our Mightly partnership. This means our styles are vetted for fairness, environmental, and free of harmful toxins. I moved into the role of CMO for both Mightly and Of an Origin which I’m thrilled about. This gets me back to my marketing roots!Matching Mommy & Me Organic Cotton Whimsy Collection

Mini & Me Whimsy 2024 Organic Cotton Collection

We now have the incredibly talented Mightly Chief Creative Officer Barrie Brouse leading product and design for Of an Origin. In 2024 we’re bringing a new line of certified organic and nontoxic intimates for new and expectant mothers. I’m so excited for the new product categories and designs we have planned for the year!


Barrie styling 2023 Mini & Me OAO x Mightly photoshoot

Happy New Year to you and your amazing family!


Candice, OAO founder, Mightly/OAO CMO & Mama to Addie, Ellery & Lilah

January 02, 2024 — Candice Collison