A phrase I keep thinking to myself as a third-time newborn mama (cue Ygritte’s voice from GoT): “You know nothing [John Snow].” Seriously though, after having been through all of this twice before, the newborn stage still feels foggy and NEW. The questions I thought I knew the answers to keep popping up: Why has my two month old not pooped for a week? How do I get my newborn to go bed at 7? When will the witching hour end? How do I fix my oversupply? 

As I have explored and again become a newborn expert, I have found a few new favorite products I love for Lilah. 

Sustainable Baby Clothing Rental

Lilah is my third baby girl, and I’ve been able to pass down many pieces, but the girls were born at different times of the year so the first year is a little tricky. At the same time, I don’t want to buy anything new. I have fallen in love with Romp + Tumble. This mama-owned baby clothing brand Romp + Tumble curates and rents bundles of new and "like new" baby clothes for ages newborn to 3T. All clothes are eco friendly (think organic cotton / bamboo), primarily from independent women led brands.

Bonus: use code ORIGIN at checkout for $15 off the first Romp + Tumble bundle

Lilah Romp + Tumble

Lilah in her Romp + Tumble romper

Sound Machine

A sound machine has been crucial for restful sleep for my other two girls. Now that I am slowly transitioning Lilah to her own room, I bought the Frida Baby 3-in-1 Sound Machine/Purifier/Light. I love that it functions as a sound machine but also traps dust with the air purifier feature. The night light feature is an added bonus!

Frida Baby Sound Machine

Frida Baby 3-in-1 Sound Machine in Lilah's nursery

Sleep Sack/Swaddle

You name the swaddle, I’ve tried it. Each of my girls had different preferences, and with Lilah I was back to square one. She hated being swaddled, she fought to wiggle her little arms free from everything. I finally gave the Nested Bean Zen Sack Classic a try. Lilah has been sleeping for longer stretches and more independently. 

Lilah in Nested Bean Sleep Sack

Lilah in the Nested Baby Zen Sleep Sack



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March 29, 2022 — Candice Collison