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Intentional Design

Of an Origin is a sustainable clothing line designed for motherhood. Our mission is to help women embrace their new identities as mothers. Our collection is made to evolve with you through flexible fit, feeding accessible designs, and convertible styles so you can do more with less. Motherhood is hard, getting dressed shouldn't be.


Of an Origin takes sustainability to a new level. We focus on four sustainable principles: 1) convertible design so women can do more with fewer items and wear pieces during multiple seasons and fluctuating life stages and sizes, 2) natural-rich materials – soft against your skin as nature intended, 3) ethical production ensuring our partners provide fair wages and safe, equitable working conditions, and 4) social impact – through our supply chain & partnerships we strive to reduce our carbon footprint and prioritize people & the planet.

Our Origin Story

We are all about a good origin story. After having her second baby Ellery in February 2020, Candice Collison struggled to find natural-rich, feeding-friendly pieces that could be worn beyond breastfeeding. She knew there had to be better clothing options for new mothers as their bodies and styling needs evolved.  

Candice approached her friend Aaron Watkins with the idea for Of an Origin – an affordable, sustainable line of convertible clothing for motherhood. At the time, Aaron and his wife Camille were expecting their first child, Finley. He loved the concept so much he joined the project.

Of an Origin aims to be the most versatile and impactful clothing line a woman can own. We are committed to using natural fabrics, responsible production, and to continue to enhance our design and processes towards building a more sustainable world.